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The Provoked Wife

Written by John Vanbrugh

14 Nov 2017 to 24 Nov 2017
Kings Weston House, Bristol BS11 0UR
Tue to Sat 7:30pm
Matinees Sat 18th 2:30pm


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'Women must have frolics, you see, whatever they cost 'em'

London 1698
Lord Rake and Colonel Bully are drinking the night away again. Their Ladyships and the maids are scheming and intriguing about love as usual, but nothing is quite what it seems. The French maid's real name is Thomas, and Sir John Brute is running around London in his wife's dress. Truly, Puritanism is out of fashion ...

Playwright and architect Sir John Vanbrugh's rollicking Restoration comedy, in a new updated, site specific and immersive version set in the glorious baroque surroundings of Kings Weston House, the great Bristol mansion that Vanbrugh himself designed.

300 years of What the Critics Said ...

1698 ...
'The Provok'd Wife furnishes the Audience with a Drunken Atheistical Catch: 'Tis true this Song is afterwards said to be Full of Sin and Impudence. But why then was it made?'
Jeremy Collier, A Short History of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage

1917 ...
'I do not care for unexpurgated dialogue in the presence of women,'
J. T. Grein, Sunday Times

2014 ...
'This is a comedy, and a funny one at that. Despite being written over three hundred years ago, the humour is still entirely relatable, most likely due to a combination of Vanbrugh's witty writing and the eternal subject of love.'
Rachel Seymour, York Vision


Stepping Out Theatre
19 Webb Court, Park Road
Bristol BS11 0FH

Registered charity - 1117912

m. 07790 980688

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