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Written by Steve Hennessy
Directed by Amelia Sears

16 Nov 2004 to 27 Nov 2004
Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

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The composer Musorgsky ('Pictures at an Exhibition', 'Songs and Dances of Death') has disappeared on another bender.

'Besides the drinking, epilepsy and strokes, I'm afraid he's also a bit mad' says his doctor.

Wandering around in the freezing Russian winter, how deep a hold will the madness take? And as the blizzard and delirium intensifies, who are those ghosts looming through the snow?

A headlong chase through the nineteenth century streets of St. Petersburg.

'Deathsong' was the third Theatre West / Stepping Out Theatre co-production.

The complete text of this play featured in the January 2005 issue of 'Plays International' magazine along with photos by Ian Wilmot.

This play was dedicated to David Carter.


Jonathan Gunning - Modest Petrovich Musorgsky
Robert Cargill - Vladimir Vasilievich Stasov / Osip Petrov
Ros Liddiard - Baba Yaga / Darya Leonova / Victor Hartmann
Lottie Lowri - Victor Hartman / Galya


Director - Amelia Sears
Design - Colin Williams
Lighting - Tim Bartlett
Costumes - Penn O'Gara
Sound - Hoxa Sound
Photography - Ian Wilmot


"It's a complex, often non - linear narrative, but Steve Hennessy's snappy script keeps the dialogue taut and the action compelling . . Jonathan Gunning gives an impassioned performance as the gaunt composer"
     Clare Ogden, Metro

"Steve Hennessy's play is a colourful, rumbustious piece of theatre that swings between rowdy high spirits and abject melancholy . . As a playful, fond homage to the troubled Russian spirit(s) though, this play stands its ground well."
 Steve Wright, Venue Magazine


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