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Rasputin and the Mad Hatters of Minsk

Written by David Carter and Steve Hennessy
Directed by Alison Comley

22 Jun 2005 to 25 Jun 2005
Hope Centre, Bristol

30 Jun 2005 to 02 Jul 2005
Rondo Theatre, Bath

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Was he really Russia's greatest love machine? Why is Stalin wearing a dress? And who will win the 3.15 at Novgorod?

Bigger, brighter, funnier and madder than a bag of spiders, a story about revolution, madness and some very silly hats..... 'Rasputin' rolled from the Russian Steppes to two different theatres in the West Country. It was the eighth large scale Stepping Out production, and our second co-production with Chrysalis Theatre. It was our largest cast ever with thirty two performers on stage, and our longest ever run for a large scale play with seven performances in two cities. It attracted our biggest ever audience for a large scale play and some of our best audience feedback.

Show photos


Gill Amphlett - Hatter
John De Barham - Tsar
Mike A'Beare - Hatter
Ernie Bell Blind - Vladimir Gloomov
Pameli Benham - Babushka Barbara
Alex Boyt - Lead hatter
Liz Clarke - Choir Leader / Peasant
Tom Collis - Hatter
Cheryl Douglas - Lead peasant / Dancer
David Dubinin - Chorister
Tracey Evans - Peasant / Dancer
Jayne Fairweather - Peasant / Dancer
Elliot Hall - Rasputin
Tristan Hancock - Lenin
Simon Hawkins - Chorister
Russell Headley - Boris
Steve Hennessy - Stalin / Hatter / Chorister
Ros Hopkinson - Chorister
Simon Jury - Peasant
Lottie Lowri - Alexei
Ros Lyddiard - Tsarina
Richie Moore - Stan
Naser Mustafa - Cafe man
Julie Nicholson - Gladys / Hatter
Ann O'Reilly - Hatter
Jan Prior - Trotsky
Lis Sah Stuart - Peasant / Chorister
Karen Sweeney - Hatter
Rebekah Taplin - Emily
Colin Williams - Popov
Ann Wilson - Chorister
Simon Winkler - Ron


Director - Alison Comley
Design - Ann Stiddard / Colin Williams
Costumes - Penn O'Gara
Graphic Design - Ann Stiddard
Lighting Design / Technician - Andrew Williams
Original Music - Ernie Bell / Mind Your Music
Foolery provided by Michael Loader
Photography - Alan Moore / Ian Wilmot
Produced by Alison Comley / David Carter / Steve Hennessy
Sound Mastering - Hoxa Sound


". . in which local writers Steve Hennessy and David Carter give us a joyous, panto-style rewrite of the events surrounding the Russian Revolution, performed by a hefty - and clearly keyed up - ensemble cast . . Director Alison Comley (Theatre West) does well to streamline this huge cast and anarchic, music hall script into a tight evening's entertainment. And perhaps Hennessy and Carter should take over the GCSE history curriculum . . "
 Steve Wright, Venue Magazine


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