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Seven Go Mad in Thebes

Written by Steve Hennessy

14 May 2003 to 17 May 2003
QEH Theatre, Bristol

08 Apr 2008 to 12 Apr 2008
QEH Theatre, Bristol

14 Apr 2008
Froomside Clinic (inv. only)

17 Apr 2008 to 19 Apr 2008
The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff

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The women of Thebes are in revolt!

Tired of the endless warmongering of their menfolk, they flee the civilised constraints of Thebes for a life of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and the frenzied worship of the god Dionysus.

Fearing that the Greeks have finally lost their marbles, King Pentheus is determined to stamp out their cult . .

Yes, it's the toughest case the Secret Seven have ever had to tackle!

Euripides' play 'The Bacchae' as you've never seen it before - with live music, Arab dancers and lashings of ginger beer! A tale of Attic lunacy in which the dark inevitability of Greek tragedy finally catches up with Enid Blyton . .

Originally staged in 2004, the cast of twenty seven was at the time our largest ever for a single play. This was the seventh large scale Stepping Out production, and 'Seven Go Mad in Thebes' achieved record audiences for a Stepping Out production during its run at the QEH Theatre in Bristol.

Revived in 2008 in association with Chrysalis Theatre and Dreamweavers, it was the longest ever run of a large scale play - nine performances in three different venues, including a special performance inside Fromeside Medium Secure Hospital. It featured an almost completely new cast of 30 performers, many people new to the group, and just a few who took part in the original production.

The 2008 production was dedicated to Jerome Hadebe.

A video / DVD of these productions in a special souvenir case is available from Stepping Out Theatre Company priced at £10 (includes package and posting).

Show photos


2008 Production

Gill Amphlett - 3rd General
Anna Apples - Mera, a priestess
David Ballinger - 1st General
Mike A'Bear - 3rd Spartan
Ernie Bell - Orpheus, a wandering musician
Pameli Benham - Queen Agave, mother of Pentheus
Laura Bennett - Callisto, a priestess
Alex Boyt - Dionysus, God of Wine
Patsi Braddick - Arab Dancer / Chorus
Lee Brodie - Chorus
Julia Cawte - Chorus
Tom Collis - TV Chorus
Cheryl Douglas - Arab Dancer / Chorus
Peter Ejuone - 1st Spartan
Corenlius Garrett - Tiresias, a blind seer
Richard Haighton - King Lacedaemon of Sparta
Chris Harmer - Chorus
Simon Hawkins - 4th Spartan
Steve Hennessy - The Messenger Talthybius
Jason Hewitt - 2nd Spartan / 4th General
Martin Lee - 2nd General
Ann O'Reilly - Scamper, Secret Seven
Jane Peters - Arab Dancer / Chorus
Jan Prior - Janet, Secret Seven
Dee Sadler - Peter, Secret Seven
Lis Sah Stuart - Cassandra, a prophetess
Jimmy Whiteaker - King Pentheus of Thebes
Lucy Whittle - Mantasia, an oriental empress
Ann Wilson - Chorus
Pat Wright - Arab Dancer / Chorus

2003 Production

Gill Amphlett - Chorus
Mike Beare - 3rd Spartan / 3rd General / Guard
Ernie Bell - Orpheus. A wandering musician
Pameli Benham - Queen Agave. Mother of Pentheus
Laura Bennett - Callisto. A priestess
Linda Blampied - Mantasia. An oriental empress
T.J. Davies - Tiresias. A blind prophet
Tracy Evans - Chorus
Wayne Fenton - King Lacedaemon of Sparta
Rosemary Gamsa - Cassandra. A prophetess
Eliot Hall - Dionysus. God of wine and frenzy
Michael Hayter - 2nd Spartan / 2nd General / Guard
Steve Hennessy - King Pentheus of Thebes
Junior Henry - 1st Spartan / 1st General
Ros Hopkinson - Chorus
Ross Hughes - Peter. Secret Seven.
Sarah Lonton - Mera. A priestess
Marianna Moors - Chorus Leader
Ann O'Reilly - Chorus
Janet Prior - Janet. Secret Seven
Hazel Stewart - Chorus
Tamarind Timmins - Chorus
Ian Wilmot - Messenger
Ann Wilson - 4th Spartan / 4th General
Dancers - Sarah Burns, Cheryl Douglas, Jane Fairweather, Patsy Bradrick


2008 Production

Director - Alison Comley
Designer - Ann Stiddard
Costumes - Penn O'Gara
Lighting Design - Frazer Riches
Technician - Kirsty Leach
Original Music - Ernie Bell / Mind Your Music
Arab Dance Choreography - Karine Butchart
Photography - Alan Moore
Produced by Alison Comley / Steve Hennessy
Sound Mastering - Hoxa

2003 Production

Choreographies by Karine Butchart, Morocco, The Dancers
Director - Alison Comley
Designer - Ann Stiddard
Lighting - Tim Bartlett
Sound Mastering - Hoxa Sound
Live Music Written and performed by Ernie Bell
Solo Dance Choreographed and performed by Linda Blampied
Produced by Alison Comley and Steve Hennessy


"So rich with different strands that somehow all got tied up leaving no loose ends . . a clever and joyful mix of different stories and styles that interweaves academic studies with popular culture, complements the tragic with the topical, and throws in a hugely entertaining helping of song, dance and comedy . . a rumbustious, hilarious pantomime . ."
 Shirley Brown, Venue Magazine

"Steve Hennessy of Stepping Out Theatre has re-written Eurpides play 'The Bacchae' for a modern audience . . a tongue in cheek tale of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, frenzied god worshipping, and the Secret Seven . . hits the nail on the head by addressing contemporary social and political themes through a side-splitting show of easy gags and clever wit."
 Gwen Williams, The Big Issue


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