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Writing in the Margins

14 Oct 2008 to 25 Oct 2008
Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

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This collaboration between Theatre West, Stepping Out, Chrysalis and Boil and Bubble saw 34 scripts submitted to a competition targetting new writers whose voices had not been heard previously in the theatre. All of the writers were offered dramaturgical support by Stepping Out Theatre and Boil and Bubble.

Two scripts submitted from Stepping Out / Chrysalis and two submitted by Boil and Bubble were chosen.

The evening of four short pieces ran for two weeks and the production was a huge success, gaining the highest audiences of the Theatre West season in 2008 and receiving excellent reviews.

Two of the plays subsequently went on to be performed at Fromeside Clinic on Friday November 21st.

Bittern End by Elaine Eveleigh

Loose Connections by Helen Bradbury

Karaoke for One by Jimmy Whiteaker

One More Trick by Alex Boyt


Jasmine Darke, John De Barham, Gerard Cooke, Duncan Bonner, Nadia Williams, Martin Aukland


Directors - Amanda Horlock and Pameli Benham
Set Design - Laura Howe
Graphic Design - Ann Stiddard
Lighting Design - Anthony Dunn
Technician - Anthony Dunn


"Alex Boyt's 'One More Trick' contained as much excitement, dark sensuality and twitching adrenaline as you could pack into 15 minutes. martin Aukland mesmerises as a flawed, frenetic smalltown magician, and Nadia Williams is pitch perfect as his scantily clad assistant. At the end, the audience, so close we can smell the fear, forget the conventions of theatre and wonder briefly whether our hero will make the greatest and most shocking sacrifice for his art. Dark, seedy, sexy and troubling; and a writer and performers to watch."
 Steve Wright, Venue Magazine

"Karaoke For One is sparky, too with Dave (Duncan Bonner) crooning his way through a nervous breakdown. But Alex Boyt's wildly engaging One More Trick steals the show, as the increasingly palpable sexual tension between a magician (Martin Aukland) and his long-suffering assistant (Nadia Williams) peaks with a genuinely nerve-wracking climax."
 Velimir Ilic, Metro


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