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Written by Steve Hennessy
Directed by Chris Loveless

23 Jun 2009 to 19 Jul 2009
White Bear Theatre, London

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11 minutes past 11, August 11th 1999 . .

John is determined to get down to Cornwall for the total eclipse. Not easy when you're sectioned in a secure ward.

But he knows he has to be there - it says so in the Book of Revelations. And Judy wants to help him now. By playing Madame Butterfly.

Meanwhile a life and death drama is being played out between the psychiatrist treating them both and one of the nurses . .

As the eclipse draws near, the hospital becomes a cosmic battleground. Light and darkness. Life and death. Good and evil. Madness and sanity. The last apocalyptic battle.

The four week run of 'Moonshadow' was Stepping Out's first show at the White Bear Theatre in Kennington. It was also our first co - production with London group Mental Fight Club and with London producer Simon James Collier. The production achieved the ultimate critical accolade from Time Out and received other excellent reviews, as well as many enthusiastic audience responses.

The complete text of this play featured in the Autumn 2009 issue of 'Plays International' magazine along with photos by Michael Brydon

A DVD of this production in a special souvenir case is available from Stepping Out Theatre Company priced at £10 (includes package and posting).

Show photos


Annabel Bates - Judy
Michael Dylan - John
Oliver Hume - Doctor Brown
Beverley Longhurst - Lucy


Director - Chris Loveless
Design - Ann Stiddard
Lighting Design - Cristina De La Paz
Costumes - Ann Stiddard
Stage Management - Patricia Andreucci
Sound - Hoxa
Photography - Michael Brydon


"Hennessy's play is concerned with roles of authority and subservience, but also the bits in between and outside: scenes are brief and episodic, as the ground shifts between the characters . . typical of this great production."
     Chris Weywell, Time Out (Critics' Choice)

"A play like this shows that tons of money does not need to be spent to watch good theatre; brilliant theatre can be found in small venues. Theatre and new writing at it's most raw."
 Jafar Iqbal, Extra

"Melodrama could be a problem, as well as daunting similarities to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but convincing acting, under Chris Loveless' direction, makes us believe in the agonising tension, hope and despair of life at the margins as only more extreme forms of what any of us feel."
 Barbara Lewis, The Stage


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