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Written by Anthony Neilson
Directed by Chris Loveless

11 Oct 2009 to 22 Oct 2009
The Brewery Theatre, Bristol

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Do we bear monsters? Or do we create them?

Based on actual events in 1920's Dusseldorf, 'Normal' tells the story of Peter Kurten who was found guilty of nine horrific murders. Kurten's lawyer wants to enter a plea of insanity, but as he gets to know his client better, he finds his views about the world and his ideas of madness and sanity are shaken to their foundations.

This disturbing and provocative play is one of the earliest works by one of Britain's most acclaimed contemporary playwrights.

This was our first production at new Bristol theatre space The Brewery.

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Kate Kordel - Frau Kurten
Oliver Millingham - Peter Kurten
Michael Mitcham - Justus Wehner


Director - Chris Loveless
Design - Adam Dechanel
Lighting Design - Frazer Riches
Costumes - Ann Stiddard
Photography - Jose Navarro


"An atmospheric, unsparing and at times unsettlingly funny evening."
     Steve Wright, Venue Magazine

"I wouldn't generally enthuse about an hour spent in the company of a man whose idea of a good time was to wrench the head off a swan and drink its blood, but I'm making an exception for the current production of Normal at the Brewery. It's sensational"
 Crysse Morrison, Plays International

"There's sex, of a sort you never want to mess with; there's oodles of gore and, most of all, there's a fine script handled with an all-round graceful touch rendering the violently unpalatable events horribly entertaining."
 Sophie Lomax, Bristol 24 / 7


Stepping Out Theatre
13 Creedwell Orchard
Taunton TA4 1JY

Registered Charity (CIO) 1179310 (since July 2018), Formerly Charity 1117912 (since February 2007)

m. 07790 980688

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