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Bedlam The Movie!

Written by Mark Breckon
Directed by David Straun

19 Apr 2011 to 30 Apr 2011
The Brewery Theatre, Bristol

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When a trio of failed film-makers unite to make their first feature - a scandalous tale about a young woman incarcerated in nineteenth century Bedlam - it all looks set to descend into farce.

But then faded teen-star Jack Cannon puts up the cash, and the low-key project becomes the ultimate Hollywood nightmare - all foggy London and an American saving the day.

The hapless film crew are more Ed Wood than Pinewood and the decision to film in the actual haunted location soon causes everybody's demons to emerge. Can Jack save the day? Or will Bedlam itself and its former inmates have the final word?

Mark Breckon's rambunctious comedy followed our production of his highly successful 'Ray Collins Dies On Stage' at the Alma Tavern Theatre in 2009.

This production had the longest run at a single venue for a large scale Stepping Out Theatre production, with 8 performances at the Brewery Theatre. It was the first full length play commissioned from Mark Breckon, and it was the first full length play to be directed for us by David Straun. It received a fine review and some excellent audience feedback. On the last night which was sold out, the audience gave the cast a standing ovation at the end of the show.

A video / DVD of this production in a special souvenir case is available from Stepping Out Theatre Company priced at £10 (includes package and posting).

Show photos


Ellen Abraham - Williams - Sparks / Props
Gill Amphlett - Ghost
Tanya Beachus - Coalition 2 / Emma, Camerawoman
Pameli Benham - Dame Judith Reynolds
David Ballinger - Ghost
Ernie Bell - Kenny Swanson, 1st Assistant Director
Mark Breckon - Coalition 1/ Caterer
Paul Clarke - Thomas Hoffman, Lighting Cameraman
Tom Collis - Jack Cannon
Kirsty Cox - Nell the Boomie / Gaffer
Cheryl Douglas - Dancer
Jasmine Darke - Ghost Dr. Monro / Melody Stevens
T. J. Davies - Roger Landor / Jeremy
Charlie Ekpaloba - Noelle / Ghost / Extra
Nancy Frankel - Hubert Lime / Reluctant Inmate
Chris Harmer - Molly Nobody
Simon Hawking - Ghost
Steve Hennessy - Geoff Gibson
Tom Jones - Alan Day / Orderly
Louise Lordan - Nurse / Costume
Kehindi Obileye - Ghost
Debbie Peters - Linda
Jane Peters - Dancer
Dee Sadler - Claire Bowman
Emma Stadon - Melody Stevens / Rotten Sall / Extra
Li Sah Stuart - Piers / Terry
Lucy Whittle - Karen
Ann Wilson - Ghost


Director - David Straun
Designer - Ann Stiddard
Costumes - Penn O'Gara
Lighting Design - Frazer Riches
Technician - Frazer Riches
Original Music - Ernie Bell / Mind Your Music
Arab Dance Choreography - Jane Peters
Photography - Jose Navarro
Produced by Ann Stiddard / Steve Hennessy
Sound Mastering - Hoxa
Video - Bill Woodward


"If the whole thing sounds wild, and perhaps a little crazy, that's because it is. Bedlam is a chaotic production, full of left-turns that can alternately baffle and delight an audience . . In short, Bedlam is a blast."
 Lee Callaway, The Bristol Evening Post


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