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Written by Mark Breckon
Directed by Cheryl Douglas and Steve Hennessy

04 Apr 2012 to 14 Apr 2012
The Brewery Theatre, Bristol

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'It isn't legal or ethical . . But it is incredibly exciting and it's on the internet so that means it's probably OK!'

A group of online friends have met through 'second-life' therapy site, a slightly scary therapeutic community.

Madhampton is a virtual English village with an array of larger-than-life characters. It appears to offer sanctuary for troubled minds but when they meet for real the friends discover it is more complicated than that . .

Who is the mysterious figure behind the site and what is his real agenda? Why are forest-dwelling rebels the Square Wheelers so keen to take it down? And do they really have to wear tights while they're doing it?

The friends must decide whether Madhampton is a healing place or a sinister cult . . And how far they are prepared to go to escape their painful realities.

Mark Breckon's 2012 play followed our production of his highly successful 'Ray Collins Dies On Stage' at the Alma Tavern Theatre in 2009 and 'Bedlam - The Movie!' in 2011.

This production was the second full length play commissioned from Mark Breckon. Although a stand alone piece, it featured several of the characters from 2011's 'Bedlam - The Movie!' and so was also a sequel to that play.

It was the first full length play to have two directors (it was jointly directed by Cheryl Douglas and Steve Hennessy). It received a fine review and some excellent audience feedback. Two nights of the run sold out.

A video / DVD of this production in a special souvenir case is available from Stepping Out Theatre Company priced at £10 (includes package and posting).

Show photos


Gill Amphlett - Madhampton Villager
Tanya Beachus - Square Wheeler
David Ballinger - Square Wheeler
Mark Breckon - Geoff / Paul the Polar Bear
Natasha Bushill - Carol Weathergod, a weather forecaster
Sue Chambers - Dancer
Tom Collis - Tim Gettes / Pete Shend
Kirsty Cox - Diane, a financial advisor
Cheryl Douglas - Dancer
Jasmine Darke - Sarah, a psychiatrist
T. J. Davies - Jean Paul Giscard / Soldier
Olivia Denis - Square Wheeler
Charlie Ekpaloba - Robin, a Square Wheeler
Nancy Frankel - Jack Gandalfburger / Square Wheeler
Sue Hall - Madhampton Villager
Chrissie Harmer - Lisa, a soldier
Simon Hawking - Wallace Real, a magician
Steve Hennessy - White Lightning (the writer) / Psychiatrist
Linda Johnson - McTaggart, a clown
Tom Jones - The Dancing Professor / Soldier
Louise Lordan - Amy, a Medical Officer / Young Sarah
Lily Maryon - Purrdita, a cat
Katy Muir - Hermione, a detective
Gabe O'Gara - The Coalition
Dom O'Gara - The Coalition
Claire Pengelly - Blue Tit, a Square Wheeler
Debbie Peters - Square Wheeler / Medic
Jane Peters - Dancer
Alison Roberts - Dancer
Dee Sadler - Claire Bowman, a producer
Emma Stadon - Kate
Charlotte Stephens - Jenny, a new ager
Li Sah Stuart - Owl, a Square Wheeler
Ann Wilson - Chaffinch, a Square Wheeler


Directors - Cheryl Douglas and Steve Hennessy
Designer - Ann Stiddard
Costumes - Penn O'Gara
Lighting Design - Tim Bartlett
Technician - Luke Peck
Arab Dance Choreography - Jane Peters
Final Dance Choreograply - Alison Comley
Photography - Toby Farrow
Produced by Ann Stiddard / Steve Hennessy
Sound Mastering - Hoxa
Video - Bill Woodward


"The play, written by Stepping Out stalwart Mark Breckon, explodes into action with a dazzling disco scene, thumped out to 'Just an Illusion' - the first of many thoughtfully referenced numbers that offer a satisfying dollop of 70s cheese to the proceedings . . Stepping Out are brilliant at engendering a sense of warmth and community to their work that neutralises notions of victimhood, and they certainly have a great talent for timing and slapstick."
 Annabel Reddick, Venue Magazine


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