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Hermione Steel and the Island of the Lost Minds

Written by Mark Breckon
Directed by Steve Hennessy

19 Jun 2013 to 29 Jun 2013
Brewery Theatre, Bristol

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This production was dedicated to Gill Amphlett (1955 - 2012). During her ten years with us, Gill was a group member, cast member, trustee, Co - Chair and Social Secretary. A much loved, much missed friend to many in the company.

Owing to the cuts, sadly there was no money for our big show in 2013 . .

But the Team decided to create one anyway by putting gentle pressure on writer White Lightning. He didn't respond well to gentle pressure, but thumbscrews and a blowtorch seemed to do the trick and a new idea emerged . .

Hermione Steele, Mental Health Detective, leads an expedition to the Island of Lost Minds where you can claim back all you feel you have lost, but only at a terrible price.

The team draw more and more deeply on their own experiences, in the hope of creating something everyone can be proud of, but there is no guarantee the expedition will be successful. An enjoyable and therapeutic experience where they find what they have lost? Or an ill-fated expedition where they risk and lose the little they have left?

The third and final part of the trilogy that began with 'Bedlam - The Movie!' in 2011, and continued with '!' in 2012.

This production set a new record for the longest run at a single venue for a large scale Stepping Out Theatre production, with 9 performances at the Brewery Theatre. It was the third full length play commissioned from Mark Breckon and it was the first full length play to be directed by Project Co - ordinator Steve Hennessy. It received excellent audience feedback.

A video / DVD of this production in a special souvenir case is available from Stepping Out Theatre Company priced at £10 (includes package and posting).

Show photos


Patsy Braddick - Dancer
Mark Breckon - White Lightning - a writer
Sue Chambers - Dancer
Tom Collis - Actor / John Sinclair
T. J. Davies - Roger Lavelle / Dwayne Bilston
Olivia Denis - Actor / Mindsweeper
Cheryl Douglas - Dancer
Charlie Ekpaloba - Actor / D.I. Jack Bastard
Nancy Frankel - Hubert Lime, a pilot
Sue Hall - Actor / Alice Nice / Bilston Family - Anthrax
Chrissie Harmer - Actor / Tina
Simon Hawking - Wallace Real, a magician
Steve Hennessy - Wallace Real's manager / Mindsweeper
Tom Jones - Paul the Polar Bear
Krysta Korr - Actor
Lily Maryon - Actor / Choe, on a quest to Lostmind Island
Danann McAleer - Actor / Dorothea, Chair of Residents' Association
Katy Muir - Hermione Steel, Mental Health Detective
Wendy Murphy - Dancer
Kehindi Obileye - Actor / Bilston Family - Saxon
Gabriel O'Gara - Bilston Family - Ozzy grandson of Dwayne
Dominic O'Gara - Bilston Family - Zeppelin, grandson of Dwayne
Claire Pengelly - Actor / Presenter on Lostmind Island
Jane Peters - Dancer
Alison Roberts - Dancer
Emma Stadon - Actor / Bilston Family - Napalm Death
Li Sah Stuart - Piers Rattigan, a Theatre Director / Terry the Stuntman
Charles Thompson - Continuity Man / Presenter on Lostmind Island
Daisy Whittle - Bilston Family - Blackheart
Lucy Whittle - Bilston Family - Freddie
Ann Wilson - Actor / Mindsweeper


Director - Steve Hennessy
Designer - Ann Stiddard
Costumes - Penn O'Gara
Lighting Design and Technician - Matt Smee
Arab Dance Choreography - Jane Peters
Final Dance Choreograply - Alison Comley
Photography - Farrows Creative
Produced by Ann Stiddard / Steve Hennessy
Sound Mastering - Hoxa
Video - Tomas Diaz Velasco


Stepping Out Theatre
13 Creedwell Orchard

Registered Charity (CIO) 1179310 (since July 2018), Formerly Charity 1117912 (since February 2007)

m. 07896 684097

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