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Wallace Real's Ministry of Madness

Written by Mark Breckon
Directed by Cheryl Douglas

18 Jun 2014 to 21 Jun 2014
Rondo Theatre, Bath

24 Jun 2014 to 28 Jun 2014
The Brewery Theatre, Bristol

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Lucy has been afflicted by Meta Theatricus Type A, a strange new disorder where she believes she's a character in a play about her life. Help is on offer from two unlikely sources - a polar bear called Paul who says he's a psychiatric nurse, and a maverick psychiatrist called Wallace Real, who bears a striking resemblance to a stage magician.

Why is Lucy being played by four actors? Can Paul or Wallace really help her get better? Or are they both part of her losing the plot??

Join Lucy in the race to find out the truth about mental health services and the Whole Evil Plan as she chases the white rabbit of healing down a tunnel deep below the Houses of Parliament to . .

Wallace Real's Ministry of Madness!

This production set a new record for the largest cast ever for a Stepping Out Theatre production with 34 performers on stage during the run. There were 9 performances at the Rondo and Brewery Theatres. It was the fourth full length play commissioned from Mark Breckon and it was the first full length play to be directed by Cheryl Douglas. It received excellent audience feedback as ever!

A video / DVD of this production in a special souvenir case is available from Stepping Out Theatre Company priced at £10 (includes package and posting).

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Alice Badley - Sarah, a psychiatrist
Christine Bamford - Dancer Cara Bamford - Dancer
Tanya Beachus - Petronella the Polar Bear
Mark Breckon - Paul the Polar Bear, a Community Psychiatric Nurse
Ann Cox - Emily, an Office Worker
Kirsty Cox - Pauline the Polar Bear
Olivia Denis - Lucy #1
Cheryl Douglas - Dancer
Charlie Ekpaloba - Wendy the Office Manager / Mental Elf
Nancy Frankel - Hubert Lime - an Artist
Marc Geoffrey - Pauline the Polar Bear
Suzanne Georgiou - Lucy # 4
Samuel Grashoff - Chemical Cara, a drug designer / Student
Chrissie Harmer -Lucy #2
Simon Hawking - Wallace Real, radical psychiatrist and magician
Steve Hennessy - Poll the Polar Bear / Graham Flute / Ian Wilmot / Tony Turner
Tom Jones - Peter Quince / Student
Michael Keene - Toby Rattigan, Director of Care / Tutor
Lily Maryon - Young Lucy
Danann McAleer - Portia Polar Bear / Nick
Wendy Murphy - Dancer
Gabriel Swetman - The Coalition
Dominic Swetman - The Coalition
Ann O'Reilly - Priscilla the Polar Bear
Claire Pengelly - Sienna, MC
Jane Peters - Dancer
Alison Roberts - Dancer / Tamara
Helen Sewell - Pauline the Polar Bear
Emma Stadon - Lucy #3
Li Sah Stuart - Ian Wilmot, an angelic helper
Dmitri Tanke - Mental Elf
Charles Thompson - Tim, MC
Ann Wilson - Mental Elf


Director - Cheryl Douglas
Designer - Ann Stiddard
Costumes - Penn O'Gara
Lighting Design - Paul Lewis
Technician - Shaun Luker
Arab Dance Choreography - Jane Peters
Final Dance Choreograply - Alison Comley
Photography - Jose Navarro
Produced by Ann Stiddard / Steve Hennessy
Sound Mastering - Hoxa
Video - Bill Woodward


" . . you're left with a production that is not only achingly funny but also challenges head on all those destructive notions about mental illness and its treatment. This, truly, is theatre with a purpose."
 Deborah Harvey, Arts Focus


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