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The Square Wheel of Time

Written by Mark Breckon
Directed by Cheryl Douglas

24 Jun 2015 to 27 Jun 2015
Rondo Theatre, Bath

30 Jun 2015 to 04 Jul 2015
The Brewery Theatre, Bristol

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Savernake forest. A dedicated band of eco warriors will stop at nothing to turn back the clock - calling each other by silly bird names, drinking ditchwater, even staying at the odd Travelodge in their quest to restore the once and future glory of . . The square wheel!

In 2012 the Square Wheelers managed to take down the internet for a whole year. The fact that YOU DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE shows how badly this failed to change the course of the modern world . .

This year, they're setting their sights even higher with a trip back in time to 1865 to try and reshape a history that tells us a pill can be popped for every problem.

Will their time travelling adventure usher in a glorious new era of humane and enlightened mental health services, or just acquaint them better with the deficiencies of Bristol's Victorian sewage system?

Join Owl, Chaffinch and all their feathery friends as they trip forward to the past and back to the future while trying not to trip in any other direction on that tempting secret stash of prescription medication . .

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Alice Badley - Gertrude Lavelle
Mia Braund - Wagtail, a Square Wheeler
Mark Breckon - Peter Bannister, Entrepreneur
Julia Cawte - Saskia, a Stepping Out actor / Mrs. Audrey Lavelle
Tom Collis - White Lightning, a writer / Jinx, a servant to Lavelle household
Cheryl Douglas - Yasmina, a Dancer
Charlie Ekpaloba - Olivia Brunel, a scientist
Daniella Esbensen - Duckling 2, A Square Wheeler
Nancy Frankel - Annie - A villager / Aunt Nina
Marc Geoffrey - Crow, a Square Wheeler
Samuel Grashoff - Freddie Lavelle/ Stepping Out Actor
Chrissie Harmer - Duck, A Square Wheeler
Simon Hawking - Snug, House magician to the Lavelle Family
Steve Hennessy - Roger Lavelle, a Stepping Out actor / Dr. Charles Lavelle
Tom Jones - Tamas, servant to Lavelle household
Emily - Kelly Sparrow, a Square Wheeler
Lily Maryon - Mrs. Audrey Lavelle / Heron
Claire Pengelly - Blue Tit, A Square Wheeler
Jane Peters - Zareefa, a Dancer
Gareth Pitt - Crow, a Square Wheeler
Sue Quinn - Duckling 1, a Square Wheeler
Alison Roberts - Sakina, a Dancer
Joanna Smith - Lucy, a Stepping Out actor
Emma Stadon - Cecilia, a servant to Lavelle household
Li Sah Stuart - Owl, Leader of Square Wheelers
Giorgio Tardio - Blackbird, a Square Wheeler
Charles Thompson - The Captain, servant to Lavelle household
Olivia Ware - Octavia Brunel, a scientist
Ann Wilson - Chaffinch, a Square Wheeler


Gipsy Dance - Patsi Braddick
Other Dances - Alison Roberts
Photography - Farrows Creative
Sound Mastering - Hoxa
Live Music - Rosie Moreno-Parra and friends
Director - Cheryl Douglas
Design - Ann Stiddard
Costumes - Penn O'Gara
Lighting Design and Set Build - Paul Lewis
Technician - Dom Swetman
Make up - Marianne Lester-George, Mishel Lisoveca, Linda Chappell and Cast


"The 'big show' productions from this Bristol community theatre company are always zestful romps with dancing, song and magic tricks as well as wild comedy, bizarre characters, and a thought-provoking bite that lingers . . More than mere diverting entertainment, these plays from Stepping Out invite audiences to take a realistic and critical look at the current 'medical model' of treatments. As the Square-Wheelers have learnt, chemical pills are not the only, or the best, way to return to health."
 Crysse Morrison, Plays International


Stepping Out Theatre
13 Creedwell Orchard

Registered Charity (CIO) 1179310 (since July 2018), Formerly Charity 1117912 (since February 2007)

m. 07896 684097

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