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Anton's Shorts

Written by Charles Thompson
Directed by Marc Geoffrey

06 Oct 2015 to 17 Oct 2015
Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

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Anton Chekhov is widely acknowledged as the world's greatest short story writer, and one of the world's greatest playwrights. So what happens when some of his best short stories become short plays in themselves? Anton's Shorts is what happens . .

Come along and sample an outstanding local cast in an Arts Council funded production of these bite sized playlets - fizzing with manic humour, bursting with life, full of pathos, romance, absurdity and acute observations on the human condition - a teeming cavalcade of drunkards, duellists, madmen, lovers, piano tuners and matchmakers whirl through the fabulous Russian landscape of some of the greatest short stories ever written.

In An Hotel
adapted from a story of the same name

A Misfortune
adapted from a story of the same name

A Mistake
adapted from the story 'An Inadvertence'

A Happy Ending
adapted from a story of the same name and from the story 'A Daughter of Albion'

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Ben Crispin
Paul Currier
Julia Hills
Adam Lloyd-James
Joanna Smith


Director - Marc Geoffrey
Set & Costume Designer - Penn O'Gara
Lighting Designer - Paul Lewis
Original Music - Elizabeth Purnell
Violinist - Martin Solomon
Movement - Gail Gordon
Technician - Dom Swetman
Graphic Design - Ann Stiddard

Special thanks to Marcus O'Gara, Gabriel Swetman, Peter Spence, Mark Breckon and Emma Stadon


 Josie Finlay, Helicon, University of Bristol Creative Arts Magazine

"The play told versions of these regular interactions that are rarely given much social commentary but which we can all identify with. Who hasn't witnessed all of the above in one way or another? A customer complaining to staff, family tensions and bereavement, and the equivalent of . . Overall it was an enjoyable evening and I have no doubt that the comedy and relevance within Anton Chekhov's stories will ensure they continue to be recycled and replayed for many years to come."
 Maxine Robinson, Theatre Bristol website


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