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The Bedminster Bigfoot

Written by Mark Breckon
Directed by Marc Geoffrey

20 Oct 2015 to 31 Oct 2015
Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

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Something wicked this way comes . .

They say she's just an urban myth. But some in Bristol know the reality. Eight feet tall with a taste for the finer things in life, the Bedminster Bigfoot robs from the rich to give to the poor. She's even in the frame for the theft of the mayor's red trousers.

Bedroom tax? Austerity? Five more years? Not if Bigfoot has her way.

Bring her the head of Iain Duncan Smith!

She may be vegetarian but it's time to turn things around.

A darkly comic tale for our times. Not suitable for children.

'seams of poignancy and black humour throughout from Mark Breckon . . one of our greatest local writing talents'
VENUE MAGAZINE on 'Ray Collins Dies On Stage' at the Alma Tavern.

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Paul Currier - Rob Callard
Ben Crispin - Aaron
Joanna Smith - Jackie
Adam Lloyd-James - Tom


Director - Marc Geoffrey
Set Designer - Sarah Warren
Costume Designer - Penn O'Gara
Lighting Designer - Paul Lewis
Original Sound Design & Technician - Peter Spence
Music - Liz Purnell
Graphic Design - Ann Stiddard

Thanks to Crysse Morrison, Edith Hermann, Marcus O'Gara, Penelope Cannell & Lucas Owen


"Mark Breckon's new play The Bedminster Bigfoot is a magical fantasy told with fast-paced humour and reality-based anger, a Charlie-Brooker-sharp political parody and an absolute must-see show . . Director Marc Geoffrey has a terrific team - set, lighting, and sound brilliantly enhance the show - and all four actors are superb . . go if you can, tell your friends to go if you can't. "
 Crysse Morrison, Plays International


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