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The Tragickal Medickall Historie of William Shakespeare, Bard of Bedlam

Written by Steve Hennessy
Directed by Alison Comley

01 May 2001 to 05 May 2001
Tobacco Factory, Bristol

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Hopes and dreams are dangerous things . .

1601. William Shakespeare wakes up in an Elizabethan madhouse where he has been interned along with characters from his plays. They jostle with musicians, dancers and aspiring actors. Can art rescue them all from insanity? Or are all artists bound for Bedlam?

The Tragickal Medickall Historie of William Shakespeare, Bard of Bedlam, was produced twice. It was Stepping Out's fifth large scale production and was originally an event for World Mental Health Day in 2001.


Ernie Bell - Beadle One/King Lear
Ann Wilson - Beadle Two/Moorish Dancer
Steve Hennessy - Bottom
Mike McGarvey - Christopher Marlow/Thomas Tallis
Rosemary Gamsa - Doctor John Dee
Wayne Fenton - Fool
Elliot Hall - John Boy Dowland
Sal Ball - Lady Ann/Moorish Dancer
Bridgid Dolan - Lady Macbeth /Moorish Dancer
Jan Prior - Malvolio
Ian Wilmot - Melancholy Jacques
Linda Le Broc - Mistress Slammer/Moorish Dancer
Pameli Benham - Mistress Turnkey/Moorish Dancer
Kelly Wheeler - Ophelia
Sarah Howard - Queen Elizabeth
Ross Hughes - Sir John Falstaff
T-J Davies - William Shakespeare


Patrick Benham - Prompt
Alison Comley - Director
Cheryl Douglas - Make up/Video
Rosemary Gamsa - Artist for giant puppet
James King - Design and Operation
Linda Le Broc - Arab Dance Choreography
Martin Thomas/Ann Stiddard - Design Poster/Backcloth
Hoxa Sound - Sound Mastering
Live Music performed by The Dogs
Tradescreen, Gloucester Road, Bristol Backcloth Printers


"The company is open to people who have used mental health or counselling services and to survivors of abuse, although many of them have professional experience of working in theatre . . As the fool tells us all at the end; these people aren't lunatics, they're actors. And from the quality of performance last night, you can tell."
 Vicky Frost, Bristol Evening Post


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