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The Rise and Fall of Ronald J. Dump

Written by Mark Breckon

11 Jun 2018 to 21 Jun 2018
Kings Weston House, Bristol, BS11 0UR

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A satirical ghost story for our times, where the scary history of Hallen collides with scarier goings on in present day Avonmouth

Hallen is a haunted place. Centuries ago, it was Bristol's dumping ground for the mad and the homeless, where those deemed witches were executed. Dumping is still going on today. A rubbish dump to the south, the chemical works to the north, an oil pipeline destroying the local watercress farm, and the M5 cutting the village in half. And now evil American waste product entrepreneur, Ronald J Dump is moving into Avonmouth and doing deals with corrupt local politicians that could make things even worse . .

But help is at hand, as Bristol's favourite environmental warriors, the Square Wheelers invade a haunted mansion to take on the ghosts of Hallen's sinister past and the forces bent on destroying its future . .

Set against the panorama of Avonmouth's belching chimneys, this site specific and immersive production takes audiences on a tour of the haunted mansion of Kings Weston House where modern day ghost hunts are a regular feature.

Interviews with 'Made in Bristol TV' which you can see below tell more about the background of the production.

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Mark Breckon - White Lightning, Theatre Superficiale, Paul the Polar Bear, Dr Leech
Sue Chambers - Lisa, Hallen villager, Arab dancer
Tom Collis - Ronald Dump
Cher Douglas - Magpie a Squarewheeler
Charlie Ekpaloba - Jess, a new Hallen villager, Inspector Bastard, Fox
Nancy Frankel - Martha, a ghost
Steve Franks - Colin a Hallen villager, Chief Constable
Steve James - Barry the vicar
Samuel Grasshof - Raven, entertainer and temporary Squarewheeler
Chrissie Harmer - Bluetit a Squarewheeler
Simon Hawking - Dave the councillor, Badger the farmer and magician
Lily Maryon - Stand in for Mark Breckon and Safia Rajah
Wendy Murphy - William a ghost, Shirley a Hallen villager, Sophie Barnstaple arts administrator, arab dancer
Gareth Pitt - Jeremy Wick, Arts Administrator, Theatre Superficiale. Dr Leech stand in Wednesdays
Safia Rajah - Ben a new Hallen villager
Alison Roberts - Rosemary Lancaster-Brown, Arab dancer
Emma Stadon - Imelda Dump
Li Sah Stuart - Owl, leader of the Squarewheelers
Giorgio Tardio - Blackbird, a Squarewheeler
Ann Wilson - Chaffinch, a Squarewheeler
Katie - Elinor a ghost, Lucy Inertia


Direction - Cher Douglas / Gareth Pitt
Lighting / Sound - Plug Stage Productions / Hoxa Sound
Stage Management - Emma Stadon / Cheryl Douglas
Make up - Eloise Amy Reed / Emma Stadon / Team
Graphic Design - Ann Stiddard
Costume - Penn O'Gara


"This show was thoroughly engaging, entertaining, informative and thought-provoking. There were so many different things going on, so much to watch and listen to, laugh at or be surprised by . . certain characters were especially delightful: the vicar, with his wild-eyed intensity, and simmering resentment; Ricardo Raven, with his propensity for bursting into teeth-and-smiles cabaret song; and most memorably Mummy, whose entrance with veil and dagger was marvellously melodramatic . . loved the puppets - both the parodies of 'contemporary performance' and Basil 'doom doom' Brush presenting 'Fox News'. Very witty!"
 Shirley Brown, Former Theatre Editor, Venue Magazine


Stepping Out Theatre
13 Creedwell Orchard

Registered Charity (CIO) 1179310 (since July 2018), Formerly Charity 1117912 (since February 2007)

m. 07896 684097

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