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The Anti-Brexit Love Show

19 Jun 2018 to 23 Jun 2018
Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

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A Satirical Review

To Brexit or not to Brexit and how to Brexit has perplexed some politicians so much since June 2016 that they have been heard to proclaim to the nation at large that 'Breakfast means Breakfast' - to the bewilderment of Leavers and Remainers alike.

This show came about because some REMANIA writers decided to have a bit of therapeutic fun by taking a satirical look at the B word and invited a bunch of very talented performers to take part in the resulting Anti-Brexit Love Show.


Stepping Out Theatre
13 Creedwell Orchard

Registered Charity (CIO) 1179310 (since July 2018), Formerly Charity 1117912 (since February 2007)

m. 07896 684097

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