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Hunters. Gatherers.

26 Mar 2019 to 07 Apr 2019
The Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol
£12 / £10
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What makes us human?

Our ancestors hunted and gathered. In the struggle for resources, mates and survival, we continue the long process of evolution in unlikely ways and in the strangest places.

Harry hunts the Lizard People responsible for murdering the man he loved. Benny hides away in his flat surrounded by the TV show memorabilia he is hording. We are all still hunters and gatherers.

A group of writer / performers offers a diverse, kaleidoscopic series of modern perspectives on the most ancient of human activities.


Stepping Out Theatre
19 Webb Court, Park Road
Bristol BS11 0FH

Registered charity - 1117912

m. 07790 980688

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