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Hunters. Gatherers.

26 Mar 2019 to 07 Apr 2019
The Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

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What makes us human?

Our ancestors hunted and gathered. In the struggle for resources, mates and survival, we continue the long process of evolution in unlikely ways and in the strangest places.

Harry hunts the Lizard People responsible for murdering the man he loved. Benny hides away in his flat surrounded by the TV show memorabilia he is hording. We are all still hunters and gatherers.

A group of writer / performers offers a diverse, kaleidoscopic series of modern perspectives on the most ancient of human activities.

What's my Work personality type?

How long have you been in employment?
A) Hunting and gathering since 6 million years BC
B) I can't see beyond my short-term gain

Why do you want this job?
A) To be a dandy highwayman/highwaywoman
B) To further my goals in the robot era

What's your strongest work skill?
A) Fake news sniffing
B) Corporate fuckery/professional empathy

Give an example of your excellent team work
A) I bare my pointy teeth at work colleagues (molars also good for gnawing dino bones)
B) I woo my boss with useless work jargon and am smug towards everyone else

What's your personal work motto?
A) I believe nothing, give nothing, hurt nothing
B) I'm not just the sharpest tool in the box, I am the box

Who is your ideal boss?
A) Plague doctor, lover, giver of potatoes
B) C3PO/Dalek

How did you answer?

All As. You are a hunter-gatherer, an Arriet of Fire in the workplace or an Office Dirty Arry.
All Bs. You are a galley slave owner, a holy relic and will exist outside your body in the not-too-distant future.
A mix of As and Bs. Answering like this is not allowed.

Arry's Glossary of Posh Words

Interregnum - A period of fundamental change in 'istory - what we're 'avin now.
Polymath - A clever clogs who is good at everythin'; a time-server who adapts his 'expertise'; someone who owns a renaissance dagger . . can be a friend to all and possibly to no-one; a sweetie. Example: Sebastian.
Hegemony - Leadership or dominance, especially of one group over another. Edgy-moany What I get when Sebastian make me narky.
Halloumi - A nibble I share with the one I love.

Show photos


1 Benny's Den
Written and performed by Mark Breckon

2 Fish
Written and performed by Gareth Pitt

3 Hunters' Dance
Performed by Sue Chambers, Cher Douglas, Wendy Murphy, Alison Roberts, Hattie Lupton

4 Survival of the Fittest
Written by Joseph Arnone and performed by Thompson Holt


5 'Appy Talk
Written and performed by Steve James


Directors - Julia Cawte (1), Cheryl Douglas (4,5), Sandy Walker (2)
Assistant Director - Emma Stadon (5)
Set & Graphic Design - Ann Stiddard
Video / Slides / Sound Design - Ian Robinson
Lighting Design & Set Build - Paul Lewis
Technicians - Paul Lewis / Plugstage Electrics
Choreography - Pat Wright (3)
Photography - Jon Rowley
Songs for 'Appy Talk by Steve James / Nigel Jeffries
arranged by Nigel Jefferies


Stepping Out Theatre
13 Creedwell Orchard

Registered Charity (CIO) 1179310 (since July 2018), Formerly Charity 1117912 (since February 2007)

m. 07896 684097

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