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Putin's Mist

16 Apr 2021 to 17 Apr 2021

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Stay home. Save lives. The mist is rising . . .

A mysterious, rising toxic cloud keeps people sealed in their homes. The inhabitants of one tower block laugh, dream and bicker their way through what might be their last hour. A Community Nurse drops by in a Hazchem suit. Disinformation is everywhere and nothing is what it seems - is that a pterodactyl flying past the building? What are those voices coming out of the fog?

59 minutes and 59 seconds of love, life, death, hope, and mist . . .

Putin's Mist was the fourth Stepping Out Theatre production to be created, rehearsed and performed wholly online. For as long as physical meetings remain difficult because of the coronavirus emergency in 2021, Stepping Out will continue to run a programme of online activities, workshops, rehearsals and productions serviced by our WhatsApp groups and Zoom meetings. To know more about these activities, please contact Steve Hennessy on 07790 980688.


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