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Pump Girl

Written by Abbie Spallen
Directed by Cher Douglas and Sarah Blowen

16 Nov 2021 to 20 Nov 2021
Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

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A turbo charged race through the diesel fumes and country music of the Armagh badlands into the unspoken thoughts and darkest desires of three lives destined to collide.

'The staggering force of good storytelling'
New York Times

What our audience said

"Incredible to create so much tension using Zoom . . . A truly involving experience"

"I found it moving and powerful and strangely intimate. Inspiring"

"Gritty, gripping, funny and not a romanticised or sentimental view of the realities for many women but also men!"

"Very powerful and brilliantly acted, thank you"

"Captivating, moving and so relevant"

"This show is beautiful, and heartbreaking, and true"

"Absolutely heartbreakingly brilliant performances. Superb control. Such sensitive direction"

Stop Male Violence Against Women. Now.

When Stepping Out Theatre chose to make their first fully online production of 2021 Abbie Spallen's 'Pumpgirl', we did not know that our play would be opening in the middle of a huge wave of public anger about sexual violence towards women. Abbie has written of her own anger that, nearly 15 years on from the writing of this play, we are still only making painfully slow progress on this issue as a society. 15 years after it won awards and was staged for the first time in the UK and the US, Abbie Spallen's play is more relevant than ever.

Huge acclaim for our online performances has prompted this new 'physical' production.

Show photos


Hammy . . . Danann McAleer
Pumpgirl . . . Emma Stadon
Sinead . . . Neroli Trammell


Directed by . . . Cher Douglas and Sarah Blowen
Virtual Background artwork . . . Geoff Innoles
Graphic Design . . . Ann Stiddard


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